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About the American Azteca


In 1972 Mexican Charros (Cowboys) began a quest to produce a horse with the agility, quickness and cow sense to work on their cattle ranches.  For this they chose the Andalusian to cross with their Quarter Horses and Criollo mares.  The results were astounding.  A horse with speed, heart, stamina, grace and outstanding disposition and ability to learn.  That horse not only possessed the ability to work their ranches, but also the versatility to have many other uses.  The Azteca was born, and in the years following has acquired so much recognition, it has earned the title of "The National Horse of Mexico".

The Andalusian used to breed with their mares, is an ancient and rare breed.  They are very sturdy with long and sloping shoulders, natural collection and extremely sturdy legs and hooves.  Sought after for quiet temperament, they are easily handled, yet have a reserve of energy when called upon.  Andalusians through out history were revered for their abilities when used as a warhorse.  Still today, these same skills are used in Spain and Portugal to work cattle and the notorious fighting bulls.  In the bull ring they can carry their rider with unimaginable grace and speed.

Today 80% of modern breeds, including the Quarter Horse, trace back to the illustrious horse of Spain and Portugal.  The Azteca combines both the New and Old World, resulting in a noble, docile, agile proud spectacular horse.  The breed is very easy to train, and once taught it never forgets.

Breed Description

This breed inherits beauty, temperament, pride, agility and spirit from their Andalusian blood and strength, heart and speed from their Quarter Horse blood.  The American Azteca should be a blood balance between the breeds with qualities of both.  The intention is to create a new type that exhibits the best of both breeds.

The recommended characteristics of the American Azteca are as follows. (Some variations are seen).
Average size ranges from 14.2 to 16 hands.  Both Quarter Horses and Paint Horses proving no
more than 1/4 TB can be used for breeding American Aztecas.  All AQHA and APHA colors and markings are acceptable.  The head is of medium size with a straight, slightly convex or slightly concave profile with a broad forehead, expressive eyes and medium ears which are mobile and well-placed.  The neck is well-muscled, shapely and slightly arched with a medium crest and a broad base to where it joins onto a long sloping shoulder.  A long flowing mane and tail are often seen.  The withers are broad and slightly muscled yet defined.  The haunches, strong and well muscled leading to a well set medium to low tail.  The legs are well muscled with dense bone, good joints and strong hooves.  Retained from the Andalusian, a free shoulder and hip which allows them to be incredibly athletic and smooth to ride.  Their movement is naturally collected with a variance of knee action from high and brilliant to long and flowing.  All of this creates a horse anybody would be proud to own.


The American Azteca horse responds brilliantly to the different equine high school disciplines requiring suspended and elevated gaits.  The qualities passed on from both parent breeds makes them also, a skillful working cow horse or western horse.  They can and do excel at many events and in all disciplines.  They are unrivaled when it comes to versatility.

So, whether you like English or Western, you need a graceful dancer or cow horse, you enjoy jumping, dressage, driving, cutting, penning, reining or just desire a wonderful companion for trail riding, take a look at the American Azteca.  They can do it all and do it well.  We hope you will take time to learn more about this athletic breed that will win your heart as well.  We hope you will choose to own and love an American Azteca horse.  They have an exciting and promising future ahead, and they truly are  . . . "The Horse of your Dreams".

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