Online PAYMENTS now have the availability through to pay on-line. We hope you will enjoy the convenience and security. All fees are to be paid in US Funds only. also have the availability to invoice you through Contact us if you would like to be billed this way. currently do not have any other means of taking credit card payments, other then through


 Please DO NOT e-mail us or call the office with your Credit Card information.
We have NO other means of process Credit Cards other then here on-line.

Membership Fees

Full Membership
~ $40

Associate or Youth
~ $25

Full Membership for those living Outside U.S.
~ $50


Associate Membership for those living Outside U.S.

Registration Fees

Registration Fee


Transfer Fee

HYPP Hair Kit

DNA Profile Kit (Hair Only)

DNA & HYPP Hair Kit

Blood Typing w/DNA
(Blood Sample Kit)

Microchip - 15 digit ISO-FEI

Outside Lab Conversation

Replacement Certificate

AQHA/APHA Pedigree
Partial Search

AQHA/APHA Pedigree
Full Search


Digital Photos Send Online

Number of Horses

NSF/Canceled or Returned Check Charge

Reinstate Inactive File

GBED Test $60

HERDA Test $60
HYPP Test $60

MH (Malignant Hyperthernia) No individual test available

LWO (Lethal White Overo) $40

5 in 1 Combo Package

Coat Color Test

Please specify one of the following colors when checking out of Paypal.
The cost is $30 for each color tested.

-Dominant White
-Red Factor & Agouti
-Red Factor
-Sabino 1
-Roan Zygosity
-Lethal White Overo
-Splashed White


*A DNA hair kit and color coat testing can be done at the same time with just on DNA Hair Kit.

Website Advertising Rates

Online Non-member Minimum $15


Charge 30 Word Limit/ 6 months

Online Ads ~ $10/Photo

Number Photos

Photo Scanning Charge

Online Full Page Ad 1 Year



Misc. Fee $35



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